4th Annual Humboldt Bay Marathon

Exactly one year ago today I ran my first full marathon here in Eureka, California- Today I was in Old Town Eureka; photographing the art festival going on this week, when I remembered it was Marathon day!

Of course I headed down to the finish line to check it out.  While awaiting a time-lapse to finish; I got in some photography practice on the Canon 1dx MkII.  These are many of the early finishers from both the full, and half marathon.  Feel free to download, share, or print these at your leisure!

Files are named according to bib number where applicable. Click to view in the gallery, then right click, open in new tab to see the full resolution 😉

Unfortunately, my schedule today did not permit me to stick around and get everyones photo. ( I know I missed the first place finisher, among many many others)  Make sure to check out the official finisher photos; taken by 6 River Running Club’s Yoon Kim; a much more organized and professional photographer than I!


A huge congratulations to everyone involved today!

Of course I always appreciate credit where applicable, but more importantly; if you or someone you know needs a photographer, drop me a line at seimkuruc@gmail.com!




What’s New?

Hey folks, it’s been a while and I want to update everyone about what I’ve been up to..

Recently, I invested in a Canon 1DXmk2 and a 50mm prime lens.  It was super smooth to pick up and learn as far as controls go, I found all the menus quite intuitive and now I’ve just been getting used to the expanded control I have for different situations.

Happy Independence Day!  -Arcata California 2018

I photographed my first wedding last weekend, and I have also picked up some social media marketing and portraiture projects for a few friends.  Overall quite a busy month, and my summer is only about to get more hectic!

Big news coming soon; I’ll be spilling the real beans next week in the first YouTube vlog in weeks.  Head over and subscribe to keep informed. 🙂
In the meantime, Thank You all for being here and checking out my photography projects!
I sincerely enjoy meeting and interacting with the community, and I’d love to photograph your next project or event!   Please reach out at: seimkuruc@gmail.com


Best of Humboldt 2018

Two of my absolute favorite local entities are among many fantastic local businesses represented this year in the North Coast Journal’s Best of Humboldt contest.

Fatbol is nominated for Best Local Clothing Brand and I can’t think of a better brand to represent the true spirit of Humboldt through music, art, and apparel. Brian Swislow founded Fatbol back in the early 2000s and consistently built the brand around giving back to the community and promoting local talent on all levels.  Now it’s time for the community to show a little love back!  Let’s vote for Fatbol as Best Local Clothing Brand every day!

Fatbol Store Arcata, CA



Link HERE    (you will need to briefly register your email address to vote) 


Object Heavy is nominated Best Local Band and man, do these guys get down!  Check out the website at http://www.objectheavy.com/  and watch their latest music video on YouTube to get a feel for the funk.  Brian Swislow of Fatbol is the man behind the keys in the band coincidentally 😉

The Man, the Legend; B-Swiz!
Object Heavy

Please consider taking a few minutes to get out the vote at the link above, and thanks for checking out a few of the fantastic local brands and sounds of Humboldt County California.

Farmer’s Market

A few interesting snaps from today’s jaunt to the farmers market here in Arcata, CA.


Earl Thomas
Earth and Hands Pepper Sauce
Udderly Bubbly Goat Milk Soaps
Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese

Slow Motion with the GoPro5 KARMA

The GoPro KARMA system is a controversial piece of kit. Conflicting opinions abound on the internets as to whether it is a quality product or not. In case you’ve been under a rock this past year, the GoPro KARMA system is a drone with a detachable gimbal and camera which can all be used as one unit or separately. It was recalled briefly after launch due to poor battery latch design. The recall certainly affected the public perception; as well as the accompanying videos of BatteryGate crashes did perpetuate the negative coverage of KARMA on YouTube.

I will say KARMA has a bit of a steep learning curve, and I did experience certain issues while learning the limits of the system. Overall my personal opinion is that it is a fine product with versatile uses, however GoPro isn’t explicitly clear about how to avoid these issues that many first time and overconfident users will experience. I won’t delve into the gritty details here of all the issues- But I will embed some videos I have created over the past months, and let you see for yourself how I use this versatile camera stabilization system for YouTube.

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Furo Mustelids

Better known as ferrets, carpet sharks, noodle dogs, or domesticated polecats. These wonderfully intelligent hunting/companion animals have been a part of human life for at least 2500 years. I’m lucky enough to keep four of these amazing little predators; and share what they are really like for those people out there with misinformation or assumptions about ferrets. Here is a very quick how-to video on easily clipping nails on four squirmy, hyper ferrets.  Also much fun playtime footage 😉  Enjoy!

Please click over to my YouTube channel to leave questions or comments and I will do my best to address them in an upcoming video. Thanks for watching!

Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!

Heavily processed low exposure from a tripod
A spider drinks from a drop suspended beneath blades of grass
Darlingtonia Californica or “Cobra Lily” preparing to bloom

Graffiti Shack

On a brisk yet sunny November day, I stopped along the road to investigate an abandoned structure that has caught my eye for years as I commute to and from work. It appears to be related to the decades of thriving lumber industry here on the North Coast; however I can’t be sure. The only recent mention in the local press simply states:

“Vance Avenue Shack

Not much left of this shack on Vance Avenue near Samoa — a bay-front property strewn with broken glass and a revolving graffiti tableau.”


I love the intricacy of graffiti street art, contrasted against the grit and texture of the canvas and the location’s atmosphere. I’d love to reach out to some artists and gain access to film a time-lapse video of graffiti in progress one of these days…  seimkuruc@gmail.com if you’re reading this and throw tags 😉


View from the road
Much of the roof is missing, ensuring it remains unoccupied for most of the year


Sometimes I simply can’t resist custom filtering in PS