Another generic sunrise photo…

Honorable mention goes to this shot; one of a series taken during this particular sunrise.  Taken perhaps 10 minutes apart from a similar shot appearing previously on this blog; I particularly enjoy the silhouetting along the building skyline. This neat line breaks a small slice of a night street scene with the sunny day arriving across the Adriatic, illuminating the sky with a fiery glow.

Sun rising over Carovigno; Puglia, Italy.
Dawn breaking over Carovigno; Puglia, Italy.

Small amount of exposure adjustment, vibrance, and contrast brought this photo to life in post processing. Nothing too far from the original look, though i’d love to use this in a Photoshop project sometime…


Commentary time!

Which one do you like better and why?   (choosing between this and the other sunrise photo)


Unique Perspectives

Many popular photos of the Roman colosseum appear to isolate the structure from the bustling city background; utilizing long exposures to blur out traffic and low angles to miss the city streets wrapping around it. Makes for nice postcards.

This shot goes for a more unique perspective. Taken at mid-afternoon, it captures only a slice of the colosseum; yet the grandeur of the structure is not lost when contrasted with the people and cars diminishing down the street from the foreground.


Roman Colosseum in the distance, towering above a bustling city on a balmy summer day.

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Humboldt Fog

Here on the north coast, a nice sunny summer afternoon can turn to gloomy mist in a matter of minutes. This shot was taken on Woodly Island, looking at the Eureka waterfront, which is shrouded in fog as a late-returning boat slowly cruises into berth.

Fishing trawler cautiously navigates Humboldt Bay's Woodly Island Marina as a heavy fog rolls in on a summer evening.
Fishing trawler cautiously navigates Humboldt Bay’s Woodly Island Marina as a heavy fog rolls in on a summer evening.

The shot perfectly captured the tranquil hush that descends on the Eureka waterfront in the foggy evenings here. Sounds and lights become dim and muffled; and visibility can drop to a mere few yards. Any old-time Humboldteer can agree; it wouldn’t be home without it.

Happy 4:20

Macro photography isn’t my forte’ but the colors and detail just begged for it in this shot. A little bit of color curves, vibrance and sharpening in post process, but nothing too far off from the raw shot.

A beautifully colorful and detailed shot of a flower on a Mr Nice strain cannabis sativa; shot taken in an acquaintance’s medicinal garden several years ago.


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Carovigno Market Day

One of the most interesting experiences in Italy are the open air travelling markets that pop up on certain days in small towns all across the country. Vendors come from all over the local region, selling a smorgasbord of used and new wares. Everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, new and used clothing, household trinkets, art, tools; indeed nearly everything you could imagine a traveling vendor could possibly bring to market can be found here.

Italians negotiating prices over fresh vegetables and fruit at market day in Carovigno, Puglia

I love the colors in the photo the most. Fresh fruits give off such vibrance, combined with a large palette of bright colors. The people interacting in various ways keep things interesting as well.


Caught this dramatic shot at a house fire last spring, while doing some stringer photography for the local media. This one stood out to me because it captured the entire moment perfectly; from the look on the Fire Captain’s face as he speaks into the radio, to the flames leaping out of the roof in the background; it clearly conveys a sense of attention and urgency.

Eureka Fire Captain Gossien surveys a burning house before the attack team enters.

I enjoy photographing landscapes, architecture, and nature in general; but newsworthy photography is so much more exciting and rewarding. Much harder work to “get the shot” however.

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North Jetty of Humboldt Bay

This photo was the result of dodging salt spray in a crisp spring breeze, crouching among the rocks of the jetty during high tide.

north jetty
Swells entering the bay at high tide; exploding past the jetty wall in the evening sun

The light is really what makes this photo special in my eyes. Particularly the way it plays into the spray caught in mid air, both illuminating and casting shadow at once. I only wish the jetty wall went into a true vanishing point, but the saltwater prevented me from getting any closer.

Clip art for my love

My partner in art crimes, and a frequent prey of my lens; Santina.


Clip art infused trace illustration; originally for a phone wallpaper. This is the full scale original version.

Pretty simple trace and paint technique on a windy spring day at the beach, with a little clip art added in to pull you away from reality.  I only wish the original photo was from a slightly lower angle, so as to break the light and dark background more evenly.

Celebration of atmospheric pollution; sunsets/sunrises

Because admit it; the best shots of the sun emerging or retreating from the horizon usually occur when there’s significant particulate matter in the air between the sun and photographer. Guess there was no point in color photography before the Industrial Revolution. Scientists actually study paintings of sunsets from different periods to determine air pollution levels through history.

Morning sun burning through the Adriatic haze over Carovigno, Italy.

Took several shots on this morning looking for the right balance between light and dark to bring out the buildings in the foreground. Processing was minimal, with a little vibrance, fill, and dialing in the brightness. The architecture in this area was chaotically photogenic; with crooked TV antennae, chimneys, and jumbled clotheslines sprawled over mismatched stone buildings stacked like legos into a geometric madness. I felt it was important to make the foreground part of the subject as well; the sunrise is a nice illuminator though. What do you think?


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Promotional clip for Cypress Grove Chevre` Valentine’s Day cheese

This is a simple 9-second promotional clip for Cypress Grove Chevre’s “Amour” cheese; specially produced around Valentine’s Day. The clip was originally part of a motion graphics assignment, but ended up making the company’s Youtube page.



Very simple animation, logo color change concept. All processing done in After Effects CS5, logo work done in Illustrator. Looking back, there’s a thousand things i’d have done better/differently but for a hastily produced splash ad, its kinda catchy. I like how the clip of the goats worked out to appear she’s tugging the cheese photo into view.