First Post… eek

Welcome to the blog. Or rather; welcome the blog to the world.

At first glance, one would not assume a blog to be the ideal publishing platform for photography. However it may be said that the daily drivel of Flikr and Facebook are even less likely candidates for an aspiring freelance photographer to find success publishing, selling, and distributing their works of art to the masses.

And thus I find myself sitting here well past midnight; sorting through over 3k print-worthy photos from local excursions to an extensive trip through Italy,  hammering out the introduction to my art blog.

Because photography IS still art right?

Well I’ll let you be the judge.

graffiti reflections
Nice wall piece in Eureka Ca, caught in the sunlight and cast in a colorful distortion on the water.

I DID say over 3k photos, but you’d better subscribe to this here, because I will not be releasing more than one photo per post.

See you tomorrow!

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