Celebration of atmospheric pollution; sunsets/sunrises

Because admit it; the best shots of the sun emerging or retreating from the horizon usually occur when there’s significant particulate matter in the air between the sun and photographer. Guess there was no point in color photography before the Industrial Revolution. Scientists actually study paintings of sunsets from different periods to determine air pollution levels through history.       http://www.guardian.co.uk

Morning sun burning through the Adriatic haze over Carovigno, Italy.

Took several shots on this morning looking for the right balance between light and dark to bring out the buildings in the foreground. Processing was minimal, with a little vibrance, fill, and dialing in the brightness. The architecture in this area was chaotically photogenic; with crooked TV antennae, chimneys, and jumbled clotheslines sprawled over mismatched stone buildings stacked like legos into a geometric madness. I felt it was important to make the foreground part of the subject as well; the sunrise is a nice illuminator though. What do you think?


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