Pristine Passageways of Puglia

Haha, sometimes i amuse myself thinking of cheesy photo captions/titles. Here are a couple of similar photos showing the narrow streets and steep inclines found in castle villages in Puglia Italy.   Both of these shots were taken in the town of Ostuni. Particularly striking to me was the cleanliness of the streets themselves. Here …

Obligatory Art Photo Here

This was completely amazing to see in person, although i know you've seen this countless times in art magazines and proper photography books. The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo in the early 1500s; is caught here with late afternoon light streaming in the windows.  

Gypsy Man

This bearded elderly man caught my eye on several train rides into the city; he just seems like such an interesting character. Always panhandling near the same train line, at many different stations, i caught this photo near Piazza del Popolo shortly before a football match was broadcast in the piazza. I thought this an interesting …

The Baths of Pompeii

Pompeii Scavi was one of the most fascinating of the places we visited while in Italy. I was immediately struck by how well preserved the entire site is, especially considering the lack of security, exposure to the elements, and less than state-of-the-art methods of restoration used throughout. Many of the interiors were closed to visitors, …

Happy ‘Murrica Day

One from many abstract shots from the Eureka waterfront fireworks show..  Here's an ironically upside down smile, juxtaposed in the sky behind people watching from topside a docked ship. Hope everyone's holiday was safe 🙂