Mad River Slough at Daybreak

I commute regularly via road bike along the 11 miles of coastal plains, sand dunes, and waterways that make up Humboldt Bay.  Often, at least once during my ride I see a spectacular photo op.  Just recently i've begun to lug the DSLR along and make a few extra minutes to stop and shoot and …


Behind the Lens: Italy


This is a vacation video put together for the benefit of friends and family; loosely documenting my trip to Italy last year. This basically shows the locations appearing in numerous previous photo posts here, and it fits the "Design" category loosely since i did all of the filming for fun, and quickly edited on location. …

Greener on the Other Side…

Tranquility of the setting, and the sun peeking from behind scattered clouds made me pause for this shot along a jogging route. Oddly enough, the "restricted area" is part of a zoo.. nothing too dramatic; but the shot can make many statements, however it may be manipulated.  Happy Trails!      

Piccolo Ranocchio

This little critter caught my eye at a remote rail station in southern Puglia, near Carovigno. Calmly emerging from cover from the scorching italian sun, he remained perfectly still in the cool dusk air for a series of shots. I opted for the one best showing the iridescent eye color in detail.