Mad River Slough at Daybreak

I commute regularly via road bike along the 11 miles of coastal plains, sand dunes, and waterways that make up Humboldt Bay.  Often, at least once during my ride I see a spectacular photo op.  Just recently i’ve begun to lug the DSLR along and make a few extra minutes to stop and shoot and take advantage…

Spectacular clear morning light reflecting off calm water near Arcata Ca.

My low-light techniques need some refining, but i feel this shot came out decently in post processing. The dawn light was perfect, although with no tripod and my confusion with shutter vs aperture methods; it took nearly 20 shots to get things in the right ballpark.  Practice practice!


Any advice for a fellow photographer on taking low light scenery shots; particularly with a prosumer body like the D5100?  Also, don’t be shy with criticism here; this is an amateur photography blog, and constructive criticism is the best motivation for improvement.  Thanks!



Behind the Lens: Italy

This is a vacation video put together for the benefit of friends and family; loosely documenting my trip to Italy last year. This basically shows the locations appearing in numerous previous photo posts here, and it fits the “Design” category loosely since i did all of the filming for fun, and quickly edited on location.  A GoPro Hero original version was used for most of the video, while i also wielded the Nikon D5100 for a bit of video in Rome.

My apologies to those who may not be able to view the video- Youtube does not think my musical score choice fitting of the fair use designation. 😦   If you run into issues, try pasting the video url into a proxy site, such as

Greener on the Other Side…

Tranquility of the setting, and the sun peeking from behind scattered clouds made me pause for this shot along a jogging route.

Because it is always greener on the other side…

Oddly enough, the “restricted area” is part of a zoo.. nothing too dramatic; but the shot can make many statements, however it may be manipulated.  Happy Trails!




Deathstar Records Promotional

Here is a flyer i did many months ago for a record label release. Since the event has passed, I am releasing the art to portfolio status. if you’re interested in having a flyer or other promo graphics made.

Promo flyer. Done entirely in Illustrator.
Promo flyer. Done entirely in Illustrator.

Should be noted that the wrapped text was intentionally distorted in the interest of clarity of the text.

After Effects Tutorial Time

It’s Tutorial Time!

I am always striving to expand my comfort zone with different types of design mediums. In this case; motion graphics in Adobe After Effects CS5.

If this sort of thing is in your interests, i highly recommend checking out the folks at for a comprehensive array of After Effects tutorial projects to break your teeth on.

Here’s my result 🙂



Don’t forget the archives right here show you the history of posts here for ease to browse the photos.  Thanks for checking out the blog!

Piccolo Ranocchio

This little critter caught my eye at a remote rail station in southern Puglia, near Carovigno.

Italian frog guarding the platform at a country rail depot in Puglia state
Italian frog guarding the platform at a country rail depot in Puglia state

Calmly emerging from cover from the scorching italian sun, he remained perfectly still in the cool dusk air for a series of shots. I opted for the one best showing the iridescent eye color in detail.

B&W in the Bottoms

One of the luxuries of the digital photography age is the ability to make any photo black and white with the simple touch of a button during post processing.  I usually try to refrain. B&W can improve many photos by drawing the eye away from distracting colors; back to the bare composition.

A thin sheet of early morning fog wafts over a country road near Arcata Ca.

This shot would have worked great in color if it wasn’t for the jarring blue and white of the “Tsunami Zone” road sign clashing with the pale mists and pink glow of the sunrise in the sky. A compositional error to be sure; easily saved with B&W!