Mad River Slough at Daybreak

I commute regularly via road bike along the 11 miles of coastal plains, sand dunes, and waterways that make up Humboldt Bay.  Often, at least once during my ride I see a spectacular photo op.  Just recently i’ve begun to lug the DSLR along and make a few extra minutes to stop and shoot and take advantage…

Spectacular clear morning light reflecting off calm water near Arcata Ca.

My low-light techniques need some refining, but i feel this shot came out decently in post processing. The dawn light was perfect, although with no tripod and my confusion with shutter vs aperture methods; it took nearly 20 shots to get things in the right ballpark.  Practice practice!


Any advice for a fellow photographer on taking low light scenery shots; particularly with a prosumer body like the D5100?  Also, don’t be shy with criticism here; this is an amateur photography blog, and constructive criticism is the best motivation for improvement.  Thanks!


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