One of my top-ten desserts; cheesecake is even better when made with goat milk cheese!  I baked this one recently for Valentine’s Day; and it came out so well that I couldn’t resist snapping a photograph.  Cypress Grove is a local goat cheese manufacturer here in Humboldt County.

Goat milk cheesecake with cherry topping. Yum!

My recipe was loosely inspired by the one found here, obviously substituting fresh chevre for the cream cheese.  I also omitted the sour cream topping, opting for a cherry version.  I cooked sweet Oregon cherries in the juice and a teaspoon of cornstarch until thick enough to not run everywhere.

Disclaimer:  Seim Kuruc is employed by Cypress Grove Chevre; however, any views and opinions expressed on this blog are strictly personal and do not represent the views and opinions of the company.

Sunset: Arcata Marsh

The Arcata Marsh is one of my favorite photo-walks; owing mostly to the fact that it is 2 minutes away from my daytime job, and I can ALWAYS find something interesting to photograph- no matter the season or the weather.  Here I captured the sunset at low tide from various locations within the marsh trail system.

Floating dock left high and dry in the mud at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary
Samoa Pulp Mill, distant on the horizon opposite the setting sun
Close up of the silhouetting on the horizon as the sun sinks
Going going.. almost gone. Final wide shot.

Grab these if you want them, remember all that I ask is that credit be given where possible if you decide to use any of my photographs publicly.  Thanks for checking out my photography and be sure to click Follow!

California Drought Conditions in January

We have received little or no rain here on the west coast so far this winter.  The governor has urged water conservation and fishing closures have begun on many local rivers.   I took a hike to the decommissioned Benbow Dam on the Eel River and documented the river flow in the beginning of February.

Water trickles under an arched bridge behind the historic Benbow Inn
Outdated sign guards a forest of willow saplings that have sprung up on the abandoned lake floor.

South Fork of the Eel River; green with algae, trickles through the long-empty gaps in the Benbow Dam.

A short swim in toxic algae kept me from exploring this abandoned infrastructure.

Fish ladder from the lake days; now choked with rockfall and saplings.


Fortunately, as I am posting these photos, glorious rain is pouring down outside my window.  This winter has surprises in store yet.

Cardio Promo on YouTube

I’ve been working with several GoPro cameras to create content for YouTube lately.  I lack a fancy sponsorship right now however, so i have three different generation GoPro cameras which makes syncing the footage quality a bit tricky.  My dream one day is to have a sweet multi-cam GoPro rig like this one but for now creativity is the key.

This was a really quick clip for a 10k run that I do with several friends.  It takes place along a peninsula of dunes with little offer of refuge from tsunamis.  In light of world events of the past decade, this has led to considerable dry humor among us runners about the necessity of being in shape to run long distances in the event of an earthquake whilst we are on the peninsula.  Taking this a bit farther, thus evolved the idea behind this promo.

That month was fast…

February has arrived.

Here is one more honorable mention photograph of Helsinki Finland.  I was struck by how well the Russian-era architecture meshed so well with the crisp design of modern buildings.  I cannot wait to go back.

Helsinki summer morning sky line.
Helsinki Cathedral dominating the summer morning sky line.

School is back in session, which is my only excuse for the backlog of photos that i need to get posted here.  I am working on integrating the WordPress mobile app for iphone to increase the posting frequency; and hopefully enhance the substance of each post on here.   You will have to be the judge.  Please don’t be shy in the comments-  I thrive on constructive criticism!