Pompeii Frescos

One year has elapsed since the inception of this blog.  My decision to take my photography hobby public has been one of the biggest motivating factors that keeps me going.  I appreciate wholeheartedly all commentary on my work over this past year, and I look forward to meeting new people and hearing new voices.

With that being said, I have not forgotten my promise to show you the photos of my travels in Italia in 2012.  One of my favorite excursions of the trip was Pompeii; with the amazingly well-preserved ancient city.  Here we will begin to examine the many frescos painted on walls around the city, both on interior and exterior surfaces.

This first photograph is of a particularly sharp interior carving along the edge of an arched ceiling.  The vividly contrasting rich red and gold colors of the wall suggest royalty or wealth; perhaps even a government building.

Intricate carvings and vivid color yields a glimpse of the glamor and glitz of Pompeii
Curved wall of a public bath interior shows the faded and chipped remnants of a beautiful landscape fresco.
A worker sweeps dust from intricate floor tile patterns in a restricted area of Pompeii. More frescoes are visible, although incomplete.
Cauponae (small restaurants) around Pompeii often contain frescoes as well.

Much of the art at Pompeii has been deemed too explicit throughout history; and most of it has been removed and stored at the University of Naples.  While I did not have the opportunity to visit the university, I did find that plenty of sexual-themed art remains at the ancient city site.  Next time, we go inside the brothels of Pompeii!


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