Springtime in the Trinity Alps

I returned from an overnight backpacking trip into the Trinity Wilderness last weekend with more photographs to share.  I had never hiked this particular trail system before, and it was an amazing journey through some of the most scenic wilderness in Northern California.  Although I only ventured 10 miles into the mountains, the trail is quite extensive, and one could easily spend weeks exploring the 500+ miles of trails. As always, please remember to click the photos to view at full resolution.

Ragged granite outcroppings jut above boulder-strewn alpine meadows near Boulder Creek.

The absolutely gorgeous weather certainly helped frame many of my photos with crisp blue skies and clear natural lighting.


Cold snowmelt-fed lakes dot the landscape atop a granite shelf at the origin of Boulder Creek.

The large boulder split in half teases a glimpse of clear lake water beneath a heavenly landscape of rocky peaks, melting snow, and waterfalls. Postcard material?


Vibrant, pink wildflowers cling to a rocky outcropping.

I believe these flowers are called Checkerblooms, although the exact species of Sidalcea is difficult to pinpoint. The many varieties of wildflowers that thrive in the mountains are a pleasant surprise in the springtime.


Lizard sunning atop a trail marker cairn near Forbidden Lakes.

This is definitely a place to which I shall return to explore further…  Let me know in the comments if you have any experience hiking this area, as I am seeking more destinations within 1-2 day hiking distance.


Italian Beach Photoshoot

Back by popular request in an earlier post on here; “Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot” this is from the same session in Carovigno, Italia.



The natural lighting of this photo really occurred by pure luck; I took many photos from endless angles and the majority ended up unusable.  The wide aperture setting made for a nice contrast, bringing attention to the model while also allowing for an interesting background.