Living with 4 Ferrets

This is another YouTube project of mine; essentially just a montage of daily life with four ferrets. Sushi, Wasabi, Katsura, and Obi all came from various adoption ads on Craigslist at different times over a period of about two years. They have since all bonded successfully and enjoy each other’s company greatly despite coming from very different homes.

I hope you enjoyed that. Any questions or comments pertaining to ferrets; please click over to my youtube channel to post. I plan on collecting comments for a Ferret Q&A Session video in an upcoming project. Thanks again for watching!



So I got in some DJ practice before watching the 3rd debate and decided to cut up the now famous Trump video…

Hope everyone enjoys this… please share far and wide!

October Surprise

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spiders have taken over my garden and set elaborate traps for me to walk into. There’s nothing quite like doing the high-speed macarena in the dark, whilst dropping your keys in the grass when you’re late for work.


Have a happy October everyone, and a safe Halloween!

Ma-le’l Dunes in Springtime

These magnificent dunes are only a 10 minute bike ride from home- I often get distracted on the commute from work and stop for a brief stroll across this piece of surreal, ever-changing landscape.




The lush green pastures and fluffy clouds give away the fact that these photos were taken much earlier this year in the springtime. Humboldt County has some of the most diverse landscapes of anywhere for photographing, and I feel truly lucky to call this place home.