Furo Mustelids

Better known as ferrets, carpet sharks, noodle dogs, or domesticated polecats. These wonderfully intelligent hunting/companion animals have been a part of human life for at least 2500 years. I’m lucky enough to keep four of these amazing little predators; and share what they are really like for those people out there with misinformation or assumptions about ferrets. Here is a very quick how-to video on easily clipping nails on four squirmy, hyper ferrets.  Also much fun playtime footage 😉  Enjoy!

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Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!

Heavily processed low exposure from a tripod
A spider drinks from a drop suspended beneath blades of grass
Darlingtonia Californica or “Cobra Lily” preparing to bloom

Graffiti Shack

On a brisk yet sunny November day, I stopped along the road to investigate an abandoned structure that has caught my eye for years as I commute to and from work. It appears to be related to the decades of thriving lumber industry here on the North Coast; however I can’t be sure. The only recent mention in the local press simply states:

“Vance Avenue Shack

Not much left of this shack on Vance Avenue near Samoa — a bay-front property strewn with broken glass and a revolving graffiti tableau.”


I love the intricacy of graffiti street art, contrasted against the grit and texture of the canvas and the location’s atmosphere. I’d love to reach out to some artists and gain access to film a time-lapse video of graffiti in progress one of these days…  seimkuruc@gmail.com if you’re reading this and throw tags 😉


View from the road
Much of the roof is missing, ensuring it remains unoccupied for most of the year


Sometimes I simply can’t resist custom filtering in PS