Slow Motion with the GoPro5 KARMA

The GoPro KARMA system is a controversial piece of kit. Conflicting opinions abound on the internets as to whether it is a quality product or not. In case you’ve been under a rock this past year, the GoPro KARMA system is a drone with a detachable gimbal and camera which can all be used as one unit or separately. It was recalled briefly after launch due to poor battery latch design. The recall certainly affected the public perception; as well as the accompanying videos of BatteryGate crashes did perpetuate the negative coverage of KARMA on YouTube.

I will say KARMA has a bit of a steep learning curve, and I did experience certain issues while learning the limits of the system. Overall my personal opinion is that it is a fine product with versatile uses, however GoPro isn’t explicitly clear about how to avoid these issues that many first time and overconfident users will experience. I won’t delve into the gritty details here of all the issues- But I will embed some videos I have created over the past months, and let you see for yourself how I use this versatile camera stabilization system for YouTube.

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