What’s New?

Hey folks, it’s been a while and I want to update everyone about what I’ve been up to..

Recently, I invested in a Canon 1DXmk2 and a 50mm prime lens.  It was super smooth to pick up and learn as far as controls go, I found all the menus quite intuitive and now I’ve just been getting used to the expanded control I have for different situations.

Happy Independence Day!  -Arcata California 2018

I photographed my first wedding last weekend, and I have also picked up some social media marketing and portraiture projects for a few friends.  Overall quite a busy month, and my summer is only about to get more hectic!

Big news coming soon; I’ll be spilling the real beans next week in the first YouTube vlog in weeks.  Head over and subscribe to keep informed. 🙂
In the meantime, Thank You all for being here and checking out my photography projects!
I sincerely enjoy meeting and interacting with the community, and I’d love to photograph your next project or event!   Please reach out at: seimkuruc@gmail.com


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