4th Annual Humboldt Bay Marathon

Exactly one year ago today I ran my first full marathon here in Eureka, California- Today I was in Old Town Eureka; photographing the art festival going on this week, when I remembered it was Marathon day!

Of course I headed down to the finish line to check it out.  While awaiting a time-lapse to finish; I got in some photography practice on the Canon 1dx MkII.  These are many of the early finishers from both the full, and half marathon.  Feel free to download, share, or print these at your leisure!

Files are named according to bib number where applicable. Click to view in the gallery, then right click, open in new tab to see the full resolution 😉

Unfortunately, my schedule today did not permit me to stick around and get everyones photo. ( I know I missed the first place finisher, among many many others)  Make sure to check out the official finisher photos; taken by 6 River Running Club’s Yoon Kim; a much more organized and professional photographer than I!


A huge congratulations to everyone involved today!

Of course I always appreciate credit where applicable, but more importantly; if you or someone you know needs a photographer, drop me a line at seimkuruc@gmail.com!



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