Tron / Sesameseed meetup in Santa Monica

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meetup in Santa Monica CA for the Tron Foundation and Sesameseed; the leading super representative in the Delegated Proof of Stake system that makes the Tron Blockchain uniquely operational.  If you are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, please visit the following links to learn more about this exciting new technology emerging into the mainstream financial sector:

Tron Foundation US


As a long-time investor and enthusiast of the Tron network; I was very excited to finally meet the faces behind the exciting developments that have been rolling out lately.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter  ( @SeimKuruc ) you may have seen some of the promotional material I have created to support the launch of @GoSeedIt; a cryptocurrency tipping bot currently introducing crypto tokens to the masses.   SeedIt was the first project funded by the Sesameseed technology incubator; and has been a wild success; first launched on Telegram, and now live on Twitter!

Here are some photos from the meetup;



Matt Case from the YouTube channel “Crypto and Cocktails” had a sit-down with Julian Brabon; the founder of Sesameseed, to put him on the spot in some comedic interview bits.  Make sure you check out the channel and subscribe to see the episode when it airs:

Crypto and Cocktails Channel



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