Photography Series from San Diego

Hey folks, It’s been a whirlwind of activity for me as the summer winds down.  I relocated to North San Diego County earlier this summer, and it’s been an amazing journey exploring all of the new opportunities for photography in such a picturesque and completely new location.  These next several updates will be nothing new for you who follow my Instagram feed, but these deserved to be published in full-resolution. As always, there are no watermarks and creative commons copyright is automatically granted if you’d like to repurpose these photos.  Please reach out if you intend to use these commercially; only so I may link to your project once published.   😉


Today’s update consists of several long-exposure shots from the San Diego waterfront.

Since 1938, the County Administration Center has stood on the San Diego bay, welcoming residents and visitors alike, symbolizing the highest aspirations and ideals of public service that “the noblest motive is the public good.”   -excerpt from
A different angle of the San Diego County Administration Building; with light trails from passing motorists obscuring most of the architectural details.
Highrise buildings ascend along the San Diego waterfront beside the Wyndham hotel to the right in the foreground.

More photos from my adventures exploring the beautiful San Diego area will be coming soon; please follow this blog, and follow me on Instagram @SeimKuruc to keep up!

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