Early Morning Expedition in San Marcos CA

Early one morning at the start of October, I decided to check out a place I’d heard rumors about since shortly after moving to North San Diego County.  Just east of Oceanside on the 78 freeway, in the town of San Marcos lies a road that winds up through the mountains. Passing several housing developments and a series of water tanks, you are suddenly treated to a sweeping panoramic view in every direction.

double peaks01

double peaks04

The ocean can be seen clearly off to the west, however this particular morning I was much more focused in the opposite direction as the dawn sky exploded with color and the warm light of the rising sun. This series of photos has done quite well on the Instagram feed, and so I’ve decided to share them here with a few extras tossed in for good measure.  Follow me on Instagram @SeimKuruc if you’d like to know the precise location of this epic spot 😉

double peaks06double peaks10silhouettertree01double peaks02

All images released under Creative Commons copyright without watermarks- feel free to download for personal use, but please contact me if you use them commercially.

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