Farmer’s Market

A few interesting snaps from today’s jaunt to the farmers market here in Arcata, CA.


Earl Thomas
Earth and Hands Pepper Sauce
Udderly Bubbly Goat Milk Soaps
Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese

Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!

Heavily processed low exposure from a tripod
A spider drinks from a drop suspended beneath blades of grass
Darlingtonia Californica or “Cobra Lily” preparing to bloom

Graffiti Shack

On a brisk yet sunny November day, I stopped along the road to investigate an abandoned structure that has caught my eye for years as I commute to and from work. It appears to be related to the decades of thriving lumber industry here on the North Coast; however I can’t be sure. The only recent mention in the local press simply states:

“Vance Avenue Shack

Not much left of this shack on Vance Avenue near Samoa — a bay-front property strewn with broken glass and a revolving graffiti tableau.”

I love the intricacy of graffiti street art, contrasted against the grit and texture of the canvas and the location’s atmosphere. I’d love to reach out to some artists and gain access to film a time-lapse video of graffiti in progress one of these days… if you’re reading this and throw tags 😉


View from the road
Much of the roof is missing, ensuring it remains unoccupied for most of the year


Sometimes I simply can’t resist custom filtering in PS 

Perigean Spring Tides

Exceptionally high tides, coupled with exceptionally sunny weather led me to the beach this weekend. Local media have warned beachgoers away from the water this week; due to the waves overtopping areas normally high and dry.

around a 1 sec. exposure shot- waves pouring over the north jetty at the entrance to Humboldt Bay on Sunday, Nov. 13 2016.

These next two are dramatic shots to anyone familiar with the north jetty:




And finally some artistic shots from my morning around Humboldt Bay:




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October Surprise

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spiders have taken over my garden and set elaborate traps for me to walk into. There’s nothing quite like doing the high-speed macarena in the dark, whilst dropping your keys in the grass when you’re late for work.


Have a happy October everyone, and a safe Halloween!

Ma-le’l Dunes in Springtime

These magnificent dunes are only a 10 minute bike ride from home- I often get distracted on the commute from work and stop for a brief stroll across this piece of surreal, ever-changing landscape.




The lush green pastures and fluffy clouds give away the fact that these photos were taken much earlier this year in the springtime. Humboldt County has some of the most diverse landscapes of anywhere for photographing, and I feel truly lucky to call this place home.

Hidden Carnivores

On a hike, deep into a bog in Northern California, I spied a tiny flash of red and silvery droplets among the sphagnum moss carpeting the ground. Drosera Rotundifolia by the hundreds.


The exit strategy from the bog involved traversing this narrow canyon beneath the brush.. which proved quite the unforgettable experience.


Barn Sanctuary

This majestic old barn is located in the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge near the visitor center.  Several species of owls nest here regularly as well as numerous other birds.

eucalyptus trees under a faintly sunny sky frame this barn in the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge.
Eucalyptus trees under a faintly sunny sky frame this barn in the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Warm Day in the Bay

For early January, this was an amazing afternoon above the bay at nearly 70F.  The crowds were mild and we actually hiked to the very top and had an unobstructed view. Battery Spencer was a military outpost from 1897 to 1942, best known for its coastal gun battery as part of the defense to the entrance to San Francisco Bay, 1890-1910.


Today it is known for stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge; and on a clear day when the fog abates, the entire north end of San Francisco.