Spring is in the Air

Darlingtonia Californica enjoying a shower in the spring sunshine.  Canon 1Dx MkII, 50mm EF 1:1.2


Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!

Graffiti Shack

On a brisk yet sunny November day, I stopped along the road to investigate an abandoned structure that has caught my eye for years as I commute to and from work. It appears to be related to the decades of thriving lumber industry here on the North Coast; however I can't be sure. The only …

October Surprise

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin spiders have taken over my garden and set elaborate traps for me to walk into. There's nothing quite like doing the high-speed macarena in the dark, whilst dropping your keys in the grass when you're late for work. Have a happy October everyone, and a safe Halloween!

Hidden Carnivores

On a hike, deep into a bog in Northern California, I spied a tiny flash of red and silvery droplets among the sphagnum moss carpeting the ground. Drosera Rotundifolia by the hundreds. The exit strategy from the bog involved traversing this narrow canyon beneath the brush.. which proved quite the unforgettable experience.

Barn Sanctuary

This majestic old barn is located in the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge near the visitor center.  Several species of owls nest here regularly as well as numerous other birds.