Slow Motion with the GoPro5 KARMA

I will say KARMA has a bit of a steep learning curve, and I did experience certain issues while learning the limits of the system. Overall my personal opinion is that it is a fine product with versatile uses

Marathon in 2017

This will be the year I run a full marathon. I began training in early November, and I will be documenting my hopes, frustrations, and progress here.

Furo Mustelids

Better known as ferrets, carpet sharks, noodle dogs, or domesticated polecats. These wonderfully intelligent hunting/companion animals have been a part of human life for at least 2500 years. I'm lucky enough to keep four of these amazing little predators; and share what they are really like for those people out there with misinformation or assumptions about …

Living with 4 Ferrets

This is another YouTube project of mine; essentially just a montage of daily life with four ferrets. Sushi, Wasabi, Katsura, and Obi all came from various adoption ads on Craigslist at different times over a period of about two years. They have since all bonded successfully and enjoy each other's company greatly despite coming from …


So I got in some DJ practice before watching the 3rd debate and decided to cut up the now famous Trump video... Hope everyone enjoys this... please share far and wide!