What’s New?

Hey folks, it’s been a while and I want to update everyone about what I’ve been up to..

Recently, I invested in a Canon 1DXmk2 and a 50mm prime lens.  It was super smooth to pick up and learn as far as controls go, I found all the menus quite intuitive and now I’ve just been getting used to the expanded control I have for different situations.

Happy Independence Day!  -Arcata California 2018

I photographed my first wedding last weekend, and I have also picked up some social media marketing and portraiture projects for a few friends.  Overall quite a busy month, and my summer is only about to get more hectic!

Big news coming soon; I’ll be spilling the real beans next week in the first YouTube vlog in weeks.  Head over and subscribe to keep informed. 🙂
In the meantime, Thank You all for being here and checking out my photography projects!
I sincerely enjoy meeting and interacting with the community, and I’d love to photograph your next project or event!   Please reach out at: seimkuruc@gmail.com



Dawnbreak in the lower West Side

Scored this shot handheld; braced against a signpost!

Dawn breaking on a clear crisp fall morning in Eureka CA

I think my shutter speed on this was somewhere around 4 seconds.. I made 5 or 6 attempts at this shot and gave up due to not having a tripod on me. Upon checking the card at home, I discovered this gem. It was underexposed enough to make difficult to review in camera, thus I had missed it.

Post process included raw mode exposure adjustment, a touch of sharpening, and vibrance and clarity boost.

Desolate Beachscape

Standing at the water’s edge during low tide, looking back to the southeast towards Fields Landing and the entrance to Humboldt Bay.

samoa peninsula industrial
#1 in a series of postcard-type photoshop creations depicting Humboldt County, Ca

The north spit of Humboldt Bay has a rich industrial history dating back to the 1850s. Today a massive cleanup is under way targeting primarily the old pulp mill depicted in the center of the photo.

Italian Youth Fishing

This, another shot from my 2012 adventure to the coast of southern Italy. Don’t miss the video here.

Youth relax along the rocky coastline of Puglia, near Carovigno.
Youth relax along the rocky coastline of Puglia, near Carovigno.

I was a bit slow to take this photo, missing an opportunity to better compose the boat in the background by mere seconds. Still a worthy photo nonetheless.

For good measure, here is one other photo from the Pugliese coastline; of a different boat.

Sailboat off the coast of Puglia, Italy.
Sailboat off the coast of Puglia, Italy.