Boom! Eureka

"a series of photographs that I captured of the recent response to a suspicious device... which proved ultimately to be non-explosive."


April Fools Duck

Literally, a duck in my yard on April 1st. As far as I know, not a prank. I'm not entirely familiar with duck species, and thus was taken aback by the appearance of the Muscovy drake with red puffy skin covering much of the face. I snapped these photos; realizing this was a domesticated bird …

Eureka North Jetty

A loud quiet place. Where I go to run for a few hours and think. Just an update for any followers that I may have; Regular updates are coming soon on here. Stay tuned for the rest of the Italy photos and more.

North from Agate Beach

So we took a little walk on the beach last week and I left the GoPro next to the trail...  Here's what that looked like. Also check out my other random videos on the Youtube Channel to see what I have been up to since I've been away from the photography blog.

Springtime in the Trinity Alps

I returned from an overnight backpacking trip into the Trinity Wilderness last weekend with more photographs to share.  I had never hiked this particular trail system before, and it was an amazing journey through some of the most scenic wilderness in Northern California.  Although I only ventured 10 miles into the mountains, the trail is …

Italian Beach Photoshoot

Back by popular request in an earlier post on here; "Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot" this is from the same session in Carovigno, Italia.   The natural lighting of this photo really occurred by pure luck; I took many photos from endless angles and the majority ended up unusable.  The wide aperture setting made for a nice …

Wedding Cake

I recently had the pleasure of being best man to my friend's wedding in East Texas.  It was a lovely yet small and simple affair; complete with a homemade cake and DIY reception. I was able to snap a few photos,  between doing my duties as ring-bearer and best man; to try and capture the …

Pompeii Frescos

One year has elapsed since the inception of this blog.  My decision to take my photography hobby public has been one of the biggest motivating factors that keeps me going.  I appreciate wholeheartedly all commentary on my work over this past year, and I look forward to meeting new people and hearing new voices. With …