Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!


Dawnbreak in the lower West Side

"I think my shutter speed on this was somewhere around 4 seconds.. I made 5 or 6 attempts at this shot and gave up"

Desolate Beachscape

Standing at the water's edge during low tide, looking back to the southeast towards Fields Landing and the entrance to Humboldt Bay. The north spit of Humboldt Bay has a rich industrial history dating back to the 1850s. Today a massive cleanup is under way targeting primarily the old pulp mill depicted in the center …

Italian Youth Fishing

a bit slow to take this photo, missing an opportunity to better compose the boat in the background by mere seconds. Still a worthy photo

North from Agate Beach

So we took a little walk on the beach last week and I left the GoPro next to the trail...  Here's what that looked like. Also check out my other random videos on the Youtube Channel to see what I have been up to since I've been away from the photography blog.

Sunset: Arcata Marsh

The Arcata Marsh is one of my favorite photo-walks; owing mostly to the fact that it is 2 minutes away from my daytime job, and I can ALWAYS find something interesting to photograph- no matter the season or the weather.  Here I captured the sunset at low tide from various locations within the marsh trail …

Helsinki Finlandia

These photos were taken during a stroll around the capital city of Helsinki during an international flight layover.  I was quite sleep-deprived, yet determined to shoot some of this city's famous architecture. A beautiful sunrise to start the longest day ever, flying from Europe back to the west coast of the US.  Good memories.

Water Fall

All the focus is on the droplets suspended in motion underneath this concrete ledge fountain.  I shot this while jogging in the park; using the Nikon D5100 w kit lens.   I think the black ledge makes a good text background for marketing media applications.