Helsinki Finlandia

These photos were taken during a stroll around the capital city of Helsinki during an international flight layover.  I was quite sleep-deprived, yet determined to shoot some of this city's famous architecture. A beautiful sunrise to start the longest day ever, flying from Europe back to the west coast of the US.  Good memories.


Prints for show\sale!

Large format prints finally arrived from Costco. Email me @ for pricing and ordering details. Any photo appearing here on the blog is available in either 8 x 10 gloss or 20 x 30 matte, professionally framed. I've also begun to look into showing these prints locally. If you have an establishment and are …

Streetlights’ Glow

The ornate streetlight fixtures, the stone castle walls, and arched window niches all captivate the eyes in this photograph. This was taken among the narrow winding alleys inside the walls of an ancient castle that sits in the center of Carovigno. Many rural southern Italian towns are built around a central garrison or ancient castle; …