Rainstorm in the Garden

I caught a break in the rain yesterday to go outside in the garden and capture some photos of water drops..    Stay dry out there everyone!


Warm Day in the Bay

For early January, this was an amazing afternoon above the bay at nearly 70F.  The crowds were mild and we actually hiked to the very top and had an unobstructed view. Battery Spencer was a military outpost from 1897 to 1942, best known for its coastal gun battery as part of the defense to the …

April Fools Duck

Literally, a duck in my yard on April 1st. As far as I know, not a prank. I'm not entirely familiar with duck species, and thus was taken aback by the appearance of the Muscovy drake with red puffy skin covering much of the face. I snapped these photos; realizing this was a domesticated bird …

Smooth Voyaging

Shot this last year, testing out a kit telephoto lens. Apologies for the sparse updates of late; i spent the weekend covering the local Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championships, so there will be an update shortly with local event coverage photos. (They can be viewed in advance on the Flickr feed 😉