Perigean Spring Tides

Exceptionally high tides, coupled with exceptionally sunny weather led me to the beach this weekend. Local media have warned beachgoers away from the water this week; due to the waves overtopping areas normally high and dry. These next two are dramatic shots to anyone familiar with the north jetty:   And finally some artistic shots from my …


Desolate Beachscape

Standing at the water's edge during low tide, looking back to the southeast towards Fields Landing and the entrance to Humboldt Bay. The north spit of Humboldt Bay has a rich industrial history dating back to the 1850s. Today a massive cleanup is under way targeting primarily the old pulp mill depicted in the center …

Boom! Eureka

"a series of photographs that I captured of the recent response to a suspicious device... which proved ultimately to be non-explosive."

Water Fall

All the focus is on the droplets suspended in motion underneath this concrete ledge fountain.  I shot this while jogging in the park; using the Nikon D5100 w kit lens.   I think the black ledge makes a good text background for marketing media applications.  

View from Hikshari Trail

Snapped this at one end of a former crossing over the water where Elk River meets Humboldt Bay. I liked the pattern on the closest wooden pier, and the colors; contrasting black, greens and grays. The Hikshari trail is Eureka's newest section of waterfront trail; open for bikers, hikers, and dog walkers.  for more …

Greener on the Other Side…

Tranquility of the setting, and the sun peeking from behind scattered clouds made me pause for this shot along a jogging route. Oddly enough, the "restricted area" is part of a zoo.. nothing too dramatic; but the shot can make many statements, however it may be manipulated.  Happy Trails!      

Happy ‘Murrica Day

One from many abstract shots from the Eureka waterfront fireworks show..  Here's an ironically upside down smile, juxtaposed in the sky behind people watching from topside a docked ship. Hope everyone's holiday was safe 🙂


Caught this dramatic shot at a house fire last spring, while doing some stringer photography for the local media. This one stood out to me because it captured the entire moment perfectly; from the look on the Fire Captain's face as he speaks into the radio, to the flames leaping out of the roof in …