Perigean Spring Tides

Exceptionally high tides, coupled with exceptionally sunny weather led me to the beach this weekend. Local media have warned beachgoers away from the water this week; due to the waves overtopping areas normally high and dry. These next two are dramatic shots to anyone familiar with the north jetty:   And finally some artistic shots from my …


Dawnbreak in the lower West Side

"I think my shutter speed on this was somewhere around 4 seconds.. I made 5 or 6 attempts at this shot and gave up"

Desolate Beachscape

Standing at the water's edge during low tide, looking back to the southeast towards Fields Landing and the entrance to Humboldt Bay. The north spit of Humboldt Bay has a rich industrial history dating back to the 1850s. Today a massive cleanup is under way targeting primarily the old pulp mill depicted in the center …

Boom! Eureka

"a series of photographs that I captured of the recent response to a suspicious device... which proved ultimately to be non-explosive."

Eureka North Jetty

A loud quiet place. Where I go to run for a few hours and think. Just an update for any followers that I may have; Regular updates are coming soon on here. Stay tuned for the rest of the Italy photos and more.

Smooth Voyaging

Shot this last year, testing out a kit telephoto lens. Apologies for the sparse updates of late; i spent the weekend covering the local Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championships, so there will be an update shortly with local event coverage photos. (They can be viewed in advance on the Flickr feed 😉