Best of Humboldt 2018

Brian Swislow founded Fatbol back in the early 2000s and consistently built the brand around giving back to the community and promoting local talent on all levels.  Now it's time for the community to show a little love back!  Let's vote for Fatbol as Best Local Clothing Brand every day!


Perigean Spring Tides

Exceptionally high tides, coupled with exceptionally sunny weather led me to the beach this weekend. Local media have warned beachgoers away from the water this week; due to the waves overtopping areas normally high and dry. These next two are dramatic shots to anyone familiar with the north jetty:   And finally some artistic shots from my …

Hidden Carnivores

On a hike, deep into a bog in Northern California, I spied a tiny flash of red and silvery droplets among the sphagnum moss carpeting the ground. Drosera Rotundifolia by the hundreds. The exit strategy from the bog involved traversing this narrow canyon beneath the brush.. which proved quite the unforgettable experience.

Eureka North Jetty

A loud quiet place. Where I go to run for a few hours and think. Just an update for any followers that I may have; Regular updates are coming soon on here. Stay tuned for the rest of the Italy photos and more.


One of my top-ten desserts; cheesecake is even better when made with goat milk cheese!  I baked this one recently for Valentine's Day; and it came out so well that I couldn't resist snapping a photograph.  Cypress Grove is a local goat cheese manufacturer here in Humboldt County. My recipe was loosely inspired by the …

Hello December

A nice winter afternoon sun crossing into a fog bank offshore in the Pacific Northwest.  This one is a little heavy on the Photoshop processing, but the vibrance and color are worth it in my opinion. This was taken from the top of Wedding Rock looking southwest at Patrick's Point State Park CA.   Normally …

Humboldt Hula Girls

Photographed some friends having fun at the 2013 annual Roll on the Mattole; held here in rural Humboldt County. This next one was a complete accident, of my having rubbed against the shutter dial while moving around the girls.  I think it has abstract value nonetheless.