Italian Youth Fishing

a bit slow to take this photo, missing an opportunity to better compose the boat in the background by mere seconds. Still a worthy photo


Italian Beach Photoshoot

Back by popular request in an earlier post on here; "Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot" this is from the same session in Carovigno, Italia.   The natural lighting of this photo really occurred by pure luck; I took many photos from endless angles and the majority ended up unusable.  The wide aperture setting made for a nice …

Piccolo Ranocchio

This little critter caught my eye at a remote rail station in southern Puglia, near Carovigno. Calmly emerging from cover from the scorching italian sun, he remained perfectly still in the cool dusk air for a series of shots. I opted for the one best showing the iridescent eye color in detail.

Beach swimsuit photoshoot

First time trying to shoot something like this on location can be quite intimidating. Luckily i had plenty of memory sticks. The entirely natural lighting also gave me a helping hand; with the setting sun working perfectly to my advantage. The water is relatively calm in the southern Adriatic, nevertheless the waves made for many …

Obligatory Art Photo Here

This was completely amazing to see in person, although i know you've seen this countless times in art magazines and proper photography books. The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo in the early 1500s; is caught here with late afternoon light streaming in the windows.  

Gypsy Man

This bearded elderly man caught my eye on several train rides into the city; he just seems like such an interesting character. Always panhandling near the same train line, at many different stations, i caught this photo near Piazza del Popolo shortly before a football match was broadcast in the piazza. I thought this an interesting …

Streetlights’ Glow

The ornate streetlight fixtures, the stone castle walls, and arched window niches all captivate the eyes in this photograph. This was taken among the narrow winding alleys inside the walls of an ancient castle that sits in the center of Carovigno. Many rural southern Italian towns are built around a central garrison or ancient castle; …