Behind the Lens: Italy


This is a vacation video put together for the benefit of friends and family; loosely documenting my trip to Italy last year. This basically shows the locations appearing in numerous previous photo posts here, and it fits the "Design" category loosely since i did all of the filming for fun, and quickly edited on location. …


Eurocup 2012 Football fans in Circus Maximus

All of these people here just to watch the game live on the big screen... Imagine the atmosphere at the actual stadium. This particular viewing party was held on 4 screens across the grand Circus Maximus in Rome; the same place the Italians held the World Cup victory celebration in 2006.

Obligatory Art Photo Here

This was completely amazing to see in person, although i know you've seen this countless times in art magazines and proper photography books. The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo in the early 1500s; is caught here with late afternoon light streaming in the windows.  

Gypsy Man

This bearded elderly man caught my eye on several train rides into the city; he just seems like such an interesting character. Always panhandling near the same train line, at many different stations, i caught this photo near Piazza del Popolo shortly before a football match was broadcast in the piazza. I thought this an interesting …

Unique Perspectives

Many popular photos of the Roman colosseum appear to isolate the structure from the bustling city background; utilizing long exposures to blur out traffic and low angles to miss the city streets wrapping around it. Makes for nice postcards. This shot goes for a more unique perspective. Taken at mid-afternoon, it captures only a slice …