Tranquil Italian Waterfront

I took this photograph in Italy during a layover between trains on a day trip to Naples. Unfortunately I did not note the location at the time, and thus I am unsure which town exactly this was taken in. Regardless, it came out nicely in processing, and so I shall share it with you all. …

Helsinki Finlandia

These photos were taken during a stroll around the capital city of Helsinki during an international flight layover.  I was quite sleep-deprived, yet determined to shoot some of this city's famous architecture. A beautiful sunrise to start the longest day ever, flying from Europe back to the west coast of the US.  Good memories.

Smooth Voyaging

Shot this last year, testing out a kit telephoto lens. Apologies for the sparse updates of late; i spent the weekend covering the local Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championships, so there will be an update shortly with local event coverage photos. (They can be viewed in advance on the Flickr feed 😉